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What is Cison Engine?

Cison engine Ltd was founded in 2000 in China and we have been making and selling internal combustion engines and rc engines since 2019. We are known for producing quality engines that people adore. Customers often come back to buy another engine for themselves or a loved one. We have worked with e-commerce websites since 2021 and we ship worldwide on a daily basis.

Our new engine has been designed using the latest CAD software, prototyped and tested thoroughly. Cison v2 engine is our latest products, which are thought highly by our customers internationally. Cison inline four engine is the 2nd RC engine we are producing now. Of course, Cison inline four engines are in pre-order sales at now

Why we need your help

All our engines take months of designing, trying out various mechanical linkages and parts, and then building prototypes to perfect. Just like previous development of engines, it takes numerous design iterations to get to our final working prototype. We could start producing a small batch tomorrow and within a few weeks have a small number of engines built, but small batch runs are inherently expensive. Why is a small batch run expensive? All the parts will be machined on our own lathes and milling machines at our workshop. But the CNC machines first need to be programmed and set to run a batch of parts; usually taking hours for each component. CNC machines are not cheap, and it is industry standard to bill the setup time across the batch of parts. e.g. If the setup cost for the part is $8,000 and you make 10 parts, then those parts would cost $800 + plus the raw material + the time to machine. But if 1000 parts were made the cost would drop to $8 per part + the raw material + the time to machine.

Tooling cost is a large cost. We need to design and machine tooling so our CNC machines can hold the raw material security and allow for quick, efficient machining. Designing the tooling carefully and making many parts at one time optimizes production, meaning the machine can produce more parts faster. This reduces costs considerably. Making a good size batch also means we can save on the material cost by buying in bulk. It won’t be a huge saving but it all helps. By increasing the batch size and optimizing tooling for more efficient machining we can attain in excess of a 60% reduction in production costs. So in summary we need your help to make tooling for all the components, and to spend the time programming the CNC machines to make the components in the most efficient way.

With your help, we can make the project (pre-order) a success!

Cison Guarantee

We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that every engine we sell will run as advertised. If your engine struggles to run as advertised then we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we will offer all possible help to you until it does. All Cison engines will be individually packed in supportive packing and rigid cardboard tubes, which ensures safe arrival of your engine. Each Cison engine will be machined and assembled in our workshop and fully tested before despatch.

Any problems please contact

Designed and Engineered in China
All of the parts for this engine are manufactured by us in our modern CNC equipped workshop located in China. This allows us to maintain very high standards, and gives us absolute control over the precision parts used in our engines. Cison engine Ltd was formed in China in 2000. And then we have continued to develop new and exciting internal combustion model engines ever since. We pride ourselves on producing stunning engines using excellent engineering. The 12 Years of ICE engine experience is shown in our engines.

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