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What's Toyan Engine?

Toyan Engines is a Chinese model engine manufacturer. Methanol and nitromethane are common fuels.Toyan model engine is a small internal combustion engine typically used to power a 1:8 1:10 1:12 1:14 scale radio-controlled aircraft, radio-controlled car, radio-controlled boat, or ground-running tether car model. The company was founded in 2013 by machinist Tom Teng for the production of the four-stroke working model engines. The name of the firm has two meaning: "To" is equal to "拓” in Chinese, which means the desire to develop new model engines, and "yan" is eaual to "阳“ in Chinese, which means sun. Mr Teng himeself has been a professional model engineer since 1976 and addictive to collect and rebuild model engines. He decide to design a brand new engine based on simulation and adopt the four-stroke working model, on the basis of the the traditional model engine. Mr. Teng tooled up for his first methanol-powered V4 engine, the 14 cc four cylinder Type FS-v400 of which 50 units were produced and exported under the brand name, "Toyan." After 2018, Mr. Teng expanded to produce the four stroke rc engine line of model engines, which won acclaim for their beauty, performance and durability. At present, the company Toyan Engine mainly produces and sells single-cylinder methanol engine FS-S100, FS-S100AT, single-cylinder gasoline engine FS-S100G, four-cylinder methanol V4 engine FS-V400. To make people better understand how engine works, Toyan engine has not only lauched Toyan engine kit version for sale, like Toyan 4 stroke engine kit FS-S100AC (world's first production micro 4 stroke engine with see through head) , FS-S100ACS, Toyan engine L400 (the first Toyan toyan 4 cylinder engine kit) , Toyan engine two cylinder FS-L200W, Toyan X-Power, Toyan engine V8, Toyan first single rotary engine RS-L100, twin rotor RS-L200, but Toyan also releases the world 1st TWIN cylinder 4 stroke RC crawler X-power Sand Cruiser to assemble & Run.

Toyan engines are reviewed and thought highly of by many Youtubers, like JohnnyQ90, NDA Hack,RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7,Warped Perception, and American Tech,Kevin Talbot and so on. Want to unbox and review Toyan engine? send us email to apply for it to get the best Toyan engine model from

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