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What's Howin Engine?

Howin engine, abbreviated as HOWIN, is a model machinery manufacturing company in China, located in a beautiful town in southern China. It is primarily known for its production business of making high-performance miniature engine models. Howin engine has been the top 100 model engine manufacturer in China since 1999. Its annual production of model engines is approaching 1,000 units. Howin engine team has a passion to build high precision scale RC engine with high performance. You might hear of Howin brand from the Toyan v800 engine, which is co-designed by Toyan engine and Howin engine. Later Howin will focus on a high-performance engine to satisfy the needs to get it running on the RC cars. The L4-172 will be the first trial. Later this year, they are also planning to release the inline-six engine.

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