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Toyan L400 engine kit has been one of the most scale looking, and esoteric small scale engines of all time created by the crew at Toyan. Toyan engine l400 is an engine that can be used in the wildest of builds! It's a great bit of engineering of this four-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled nitro engine FS-L400 from Toyan! The FS-L400 kit is a fully functional, nitro-drinking engine that uses and electric starter to fire it up. It has a displacement of 14cc (3.5cc x4) and revs at an astonishing 3200-13,500RPM! The volumetric water-cooled block design provides an efficient cooling base for operating speeds up to 13,500 rpm.

The soul of the model engine lies in the miniature simulation. After several years of precipitation, Toyan engine team has also developed its own inline four-cylinder FS-L400 for sale. At the first sight of it, you'll be impressived by its shinny and tricky little engine outlook, featuring an all-metal construction that includes quad carbs with anodized red funnels, head, pulleys and fuel delivery. Toyan rc engine l400 also includes a 7-blade fan and trick radiator setup – even an oil dipstick! Can you imagine the scale builds this thing could drop into? It really is an amazing piece of work! let's start to enjoy the fun of engine build to give you a new experience and understand the working principle of the real engine.

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Material: Metal Model: FS-L400 Engine Size: 121.05 x 43.67 x 90.00mm
Engine Weight: 980 (No Electric Starter Kit) Displacement: 14cc (3.5cc x 4) Displacement:3.5cc
Size:100.5 x 85.4 x 86.5mm Place of Origin:SHENZHEN, China (Mainland) Speed: 3200-13500 RPM
Piston Diameter: 16.60mm Stroke: 17.00mm Power: 3.05ps
Product Weight: 1250g Package Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15cm Package Weight: 1500g
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