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ENJOMOR V8 78CC GS-V8 is one of the world's smallest production supercharged four-stroke V8 engine is designed for scale model RC cars. Best V8 Engines Ever Produced.Experience amazing.

Notice: this engine is in pre-order now. it takes 2 months to produce these engines. the model will be sent out in the middle of November 2022. any problems please contact

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2. If you order it now, we will send you a kit of 8 spark plugs for free.

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5. Any order before September 30th will be given away a small v8 keychain gift(: 29.99$ v8 engine keychain.)

6. All the V8 orders will be upgraded to VIP level, which means they will be sent via express shipping, like DHL Shipping.

7. A piece of special-made 10pcs random stickers will be sent together with your v8 engine order for free. It's only provided for the first 20 orders.

Want to know more about this v8 engine? Enjomor V8 G52 Gasoline Engine Full Review by Dennis Dempsey

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