Performance V8 Supercharger for Toyan V8 FS-V800 Engine Model Upgrade

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Performance V8 Supercharger for Toyan x Howin V8 FS-V800 Engine Model Upgrade

Note: Buy supercharger now save USD$80. discount code is S80. We produce only 50pcs this time. the ealier you place the order, the ealier you can receive it. when the first 50pcs are sold out, the price will arise. Thanks again for your understanding. any problem please kindly contact

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Product information parameters:
Material: plastic, metal
Color: as pictured
Size: 122.74*67.4*71.72mm
Weight: 500g
1. The supercharger uses the torque generated by the engine crankshaft. The original design of the supercharger is to suck more air into the engine through the air compressor, supplemented by increasing the supply of fuel, and improving the output power of the engine. Suitable for TOYAN FS-V800 engine model.
Applicable age: 14+;
Packing: boxed;
Packing list: mechanical supercharger*1

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