CISON L4-175 17.5cc Miniature OHV Four-cylinder Four-Stroke Engine Kits that Runs on Gas for RC Cars Ships

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CISON L4-175 17.5cc Miniature OHV Four-cylinder Four-Stroke Engine Kits that Runs on Gas for RC Cars Ships

Note: This engine is out of stock now, we need to re-produce them. i think it will be available in January, 2024. this time, we will produce the last 20pcs. and then it will not be sold anymore. buy accessories here .
Download the CISON L4-175 oneline building manual here .

.In early 2022 we introduced the FL4-175 F-head L4 gasoline engine, and this time we brought its upgraded version -- the Cison OHV L4-175 L4 gasoline engine, which maintained a unique, mini and compact appearance and almost the same displacement, compared to the previous L4. But it adds red sports elements on the surface, roughens the crankshaft, and adopts bionics on the carburetor. OHV valve mechanism gives the engine a better power output performance than the F-head design for higher torque output, which is more compatible with RC off-road trucks, tows, etc. Equipped with a standard electrical starting, water cooling system and independent lubrication system, the new L4-175 OHV L4 gasoline engine will also be available in two versions, the KIT version and the finished version. The spark plug, ignition and water cooling accessories are not included, please prepare or purchase on your own. For sale...
.Miniature: Featuring a unique, mini and compact appearance while with large displacement, the L4-175 engine adopts an OHV valve mechanism for a long stroke and high output torque.


.Build Engine: With a total of hundreds of metal parts, the L4 engine kit allows you to start a great and challenging project, enter the world of micro mechanical engineering and DIY build your own L4 engine.

.Sensitive Response: The engine boasts printing inlet pipes and exhaust pipes that are integrated metal and stainless steel, along with a carburetor designed by bionics for easy adjustment, more sensitive throttle response and deep and powerful sound.

.Lasting Work: The independent lubrication system and the external oil pump are utilized for superior lubrication when matched with mini oil filters. The engine is cooled with a water cycle for longer operation and lifespan.

.Sophisticated Manufacture: The main body of the engine is made of aluminum CNC in precision processing, a special bimetal cast iron piston ring, high-precision stiffening cylinder liner, integral stiffening crankshaft and sandblasting oxidation on the surface for an impressive beauty and texture.

.Convenient Ignition: The CDI igniter dedicated to the L4 engine with a compact size and superb anti-interference performance makes the ignition more stable, which is more friendly to users using remote control electronic devices.

.RC Compatibility: Compatible with RC models, the lightweight engine makes an incredible "heart" for 1/8 and 1/14 crawler, off-road and tractor models that are demanding low torque.

.Collection and Gift: The engine is available as a perfect addition for machine enthusiasts, engine model aficionados and collectors, a prime choice for RC off-road GP models and a high-end personalized gift for families and friends.

.Notes: The base, CDI igniter, spark plug, oil filter and water cooling accessories are not included. Please operate the engine in line with the instructions to avoid damage by improper operation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


.Material: Metal
.Brand: CISON
.Model: L4175-OHV
.Form: Finished Version
.Type: Gasoline Interal Combustion Engine
.Valve Mechanism: OHV
.Displacement: 17.5CC
.Cylinder: L4
.Stroke: Four Strokes
.Cylinder Diameter: 16.7mm
.Stroke: 14mm
.RPM: 1500-8000rpm
.Power: About 2.5ps
.Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
..Lubrication Method: Independent Lubrication System
.Starting Mode: Electronic Starting
.Ignition Method: CDI Igniter for CISON L4 Engine (Not Included)
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Spark Plug (Not Included)
.Starting Power: 6-14V, 12V Li battery is recommended (Not Included)
.Fuel Type: 92# Gasoline and Above
.Engine Oil Type: 2T Engine Oil, 10W50 Engine Oil is recommended
.Cylinder Dimensions: 96*43mm
.Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 10.24 x 10.5cm
.Product Weight: 1300g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 2200g
.Packing: Bamboo Box
.Ages: 14+

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