Cison Flathead V8 Engine Kits with Metal Base Full Set V8-440 44cc

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Cison Flathead V8 Engine Kits with Metal Base Full Set V8-440 44cc


.Introduction: Following the success of CISON's single-cylinder, V2, and L4 engine models, we proudly introduce the Small-block V8, a mini beast that is set to become another classic in the world of scaled engines, impressing enthusiasts with its remarkable features. The V8-440(Flathead) design incorporates elements of the Ford V8, while the V8-440(OHV) draws inspiration from the Chevrolet V8, aiming for a highly realistic appearance. Featuring an exquisite electroplated paint in orange, high-stroke and 4-point supported camshaft, larger intake valves compared to exhaust valves, a 5-point supported crankshaft, reinforced and hardened connecting rods, optional dual cast iron piston rings, independent lubrication system, and a double-layer gear pump water pump, among other features. It's not just a roaring beast on your desk but also a "powerhouse" compatible with RC models, providing enhanced torque and power output.
.DIY Fun: Crafted with high-precision parts, easy-to-follow assembly instructions for a deep understanding of engine structure and mechanical principles.
.Highly Realistic: Adopt exquisite electroplated paint for a lifelike engine appearance, suitable for real fuel function, and provides a location for optional generator installation.
.Precision Manufacturing: The cylinder is precision machined with 5-axis CNC, repeatability within 0.005mm for better assembly accuracy.
.Long Stroke: High-angle, high-hardness wear-resistant camshaft, 4-point supported camshaft, larger intake valve, unaffected by temperature changes with low-temperature intake pipe.
.Crankshaft and Connecting Rods: Reinforced and hardened wear-resistant connecting rods, optional dual cast iron piston rings (oil rings are optional), 5-point supported crankshaft for increased high-speed functional strength and stability.
.Durable Function: Equipped with a double-layer gear pump water pump, independent lubrication system, and reserved oil filter installation position. This model in the OHV version can be combined with a rocker arm forced lubrication system with rocker arm lubricant returning to the cylinder block holes, and oil sump with an oil level gauge.
.Creative Gift: The assembled model is perfect as a collectible desktop engine model or be installed in RC models, as well as a premium model holiday gift.


.Material: Metal
.Brand: CISON
.Model: V8-440(Flathead)
.Name: Small-block
.Type: KIT Version
.Engine Type: Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine
.Valve Mechanism Type: Flathead
.Displacement: 44CC (8*5.5CC)
.Cylinders: V8
.Stroke: 4-Stroke
.Bore Diameter: 18.5mm
.Stroke Length: 20.5mm
.RPM Range: 1500-7500rpm
.Power: Approx. 3.3hp
.Cooling Method: Water-Cooled
.Lubrication Method: Independent Lubrication System
.Start Method: Electric Start
.Ignition Method: Distributor Ignition (High-Performance CDI Ignition, Frequency 42000)
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 ME8 Type Spark Plug
.Starting Power Source: 6-12V (Recommended 2S-3S Lipo Battery)
.Fuel Type: Gasoline (Recommended 92# and Above Gasoline)
.Lubricating Oil Type: 2T Engine Oil (Recommended 10W50 2T Engine Oil)
.Product Weight: 1600g
.Product Dimensions: 14 x 9.3 x 10cm
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 2400g
.Packing: Gift Box
.Ages: 16+
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