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A remote control aircraft is a model aircraft controlled by a remote control, not a toy (obviously, the remote control aircraft has become a toy now). The control method is usually radio waves, some remote control systems use infrared, but it is extremely rare. RC planes are powered by motors or small engines. There are also unpowered remote control gliders. The remote control plane has entered the ordinary family, which is dominated by fun; there are also some enthusiasts who have modified it to achieve more entertainment (such as aerial photography, loading, etc.).

The remote control aircraft can be divided into three types according to the size of large, medium and small.

1. The large remote control plane is suitable for playing outdoors and is a must for parent-child interaction and outings. There are also professional RC models of mainframes.
2. The medium-sized remote control plane can be played in a slightly spacious room or outdoors. More functional, the price is moderate.
3. Small remote control plane is suitable for indoor play, with strong anti-collision and anti-fall. At home, the office is a nice pleasure.

We offer RC airplanes in many different sizes, whether you're a beginner or a more advanced RC airplane pilot. Whether you are looking for an Ultra-Micro RC airplane for indoor or backyard flying, Stirlingkit is your source for RC aircraft airplane!

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