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All model engines in the USA Warehouse will ship the same day if you order from in New Jersey, 2 PM PST (5 PM EST). You can be assured when you order an item from Stirlingkit, all are under 100% quality test before we ship them.
There's no extra cost. The same-day shipping is Free within the Continental USA. (Free Shipping takes anywhere from 2 to 7 days for delivery via USPS/DHL/FEDEX etc.) We can offer overnight and two-day air as well as ship out the same day. You only pay the cost of the expedited shipping as follows:

Express Shipping (2-day Air or Overnight) - $30

All International orders except the USA are shipped via Yun Express (free shipping)

We strive to make your shopping experience with us easy, safe, and fun. If you aren't sure whether your engine choice is in stock or , feel free to email us by using the contact form on our site, by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link.

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