RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine

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RETROL HM-01 7cc Model Hit and Miss 4-stroke Horizontal Internal Combustion Engine

  • .Exquisite Manufacturing Process: Precision-made from high-grade metal materials to ensure quality and accuracy. Each component is meticulously processed and integrated, resulting in an extremely realistic and appealing toy.
  • .Elegant Details: This well-crafted model is painted red to represent the appearance of an ancient agricultural machine, with genuine sound and movement that convey a retro and classic appeal, creating a lasting impression on the viewer.
  • .Easy to Display and Operate: Featuring a simple and easy-to-understand operation and display method, allowing you to easily control its operation by manually starting and stopping the engine or to display in any location, such as a desk or display cabinet.
  • .Realistic Principle: Perfect as a great tool for education and learning to understand the working principle and mechanical principles of the Hit-and-Miss engine. You can observe it ignite the fuel and produce a unique sound and movement when starting.
  • .Handsome Gift: Suitable for mechanical enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone interested in mechanical principles as a decorative item and a valuable collectible. Ideal for an unforgettable gift for stationary engine model collectors.
  • .Background Introduction:
  • The RETROL team spent 4 months creating and designing this brand new H&M engine model, designated as "HM-01." Adopt carefully selected high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to assure the engine's dependability and longevity. With a visible adjustable-flow main oil cup, a new-style carburetor, and a resonance exhaust pipe. The engine has a practical power output because the 2 enormous flywheels are perfectly balanced and equipped with a spring-loaded ball and a split widen pulley. A one-of-a-kind "fast-slow switch gear" has been specially built to fulfill the requirements of engine speed switching at super-slow speeds or high speeds for power output, providing users with increased playability and operational experience. In terms of craftsmanship, the entire model is treated with electrophoretic surface treatment in red, and the main components (body, flywheel, connecting rod, etc.) are cast in 304 stainless steel. All assembly surfaces are CNC precision processed, and the crankshaft is made of high-carbon steel and hardened. This is not only a playable engine model but also a highly collectible mechanical artwork.
  • .Notes: the RETROL HM-01 engine typically includes the engine itself. However, it does not include a fuel tank, base, or equipment wooden box,a spark plug, and a CDI igniter(will be released later). These additional items would need to be sourced separately to complete the setup and display of the engine.


.Material: Metal
.Form: KIT Version/ RTR Version

Color: Racing Red hit and miss enigne
.Displacement: 7CC
.Cylinder: Horizontal Single Cylinder
.Stroke: Four-stroke
.Cylinder Diameter: 20mm
.Stroke: 22mm
.Cooling Method: Evaporative Water-cooling
.Lubrication Method: Mixed Oil + Oil Cup Lubrication
.Startup Method: Manual Startup
.Ignition Method: CDI Ignition System
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Spark Plug
.Fuel: Gasoline 92# or Above
.Lubricant: 4-stroke Engine Oil (Mixed with Gasoline at a ratio of 1:25)
.Product Weight: 1800g
.Package Weight: 2000g
.Product Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 13cm
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 14+

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