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1.Could you briefly introduce yourself to us?

My name is Francisco, I am a young electromechanical engineer and I live in Argentina. I am a car enthusiast.

2.The first video I saw you posted was 4 years ago, How did young people like you think of being a youtuber at that time? What has been driving you to make youtuber as your life career?

After graduating from the University, I decided to share my knowledge and skills just for fun. As a hobby. Then I started to gain followers quickly and without looking for it I ended up becoming a Youtuber.

3.I have noticed that each of your videos has a schematic diagram of the engine, which looks very professional. Can you share how you learned this modeling technique at the beginning? Also, can you please give some advice to some young people who are interested in it?

It was difficult at first, but when you realize it, you become professional. Take free courses online and on youtube.

4.It is said that the automobile industry is relatively developed in Latin America. I would like to know if your local will often hold auto shows there? Or is there a local association of engine enthusiasts?

Argentina is very enthusiastic about cars. There are many followers.

There are many spontaneous exhibitions that are communicated through social networks.

5.In the United States, according to the latest statistics in 2022, less than 5% of auto mechanics in the United States are women. Does this phenomenon also exist in Argentina? What do you think of this phenomenon?

In Argentina, this number reaches 2%. However, today there are many women starting out in this career. It seems perfect to me since women are more detailed than men in various aspects and have a lot to contribute.

6.I see that you have professional mechanical knowledge,so I would like to know how you learn and understand engine knowledge?

Study an advanced engineering career. It took me 8 years to complete all my studies. Today I keep up with reading a lot.

7.Because Toyan RS-L200 is not easy, generally speaking, to start without the help of a high-speed motor. I would like to ask, can you please tell us what should be paid attention to in the process of starting the Toyan RS-L200? Any advice for fans of rotary engines?

The toyan RS-200 requires revving over 8,000RPM to start easily. Once I discovered that, it was really very easy.

8.In your last first video, you started the rotary engine without adding the water pump. This is controversial in some points. I would like to ask if you will consider adding a water pump in your second video? Or do you have other special plans?

It was a mistake not to add water pump. Initially I didn't think it would warm up so quickly, but the engine was so much fun that 40 seconds went by very quickly.

however, it then cooled down and the engine was not damaged. It is very well built.

Add water pump to be calm. I will add water pump without a doubt in the next video.

9.I would like to ask if there are engine models like ours for sale in Argentina? Are there many such engine model clubs in the local area?

There are no motors of this style for sale in Argentina. When I showed it in the video, people couldn't believe it.

Yes we have RC motors but conventional ones.

10.It's our first collaboration to review the Toyan rotary engine. It's a pleasure to work with you, so I would like to invite users like you who have actually used our engine to give us some real suggestions for our website, stirlingkit.com. This way we can constantly improve ourselves based on your feedback and strive to bring more quality engines to the engine model community. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The website is very good and complete. It has a lot of information, videos, etc.

11.Could you share your life slogan with us if possible?

Work Hard for good results.

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