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Today I was lucky enough to interview Youtuber Repman22. He recently assembled an aircraft engine kit, a turbofan engine. Colorful detailed manual, all metal parts everything impressed him. All the metal pieces are numbered so he can assemble them without any difficulty, and they come with assembly tools. Repman22 spent almost a week assembling the entire model, finishing it calmly, without putting any pressure on himself, just like a puzzle that one completes over time, enjoying it. This program is very good, very fun and very relaxing. The most important thing is that people can understand these components, how these engines work, understand all the different stages.

Interview with Repman22

1. Your YouTube channel has gained a lot of attention for its unique car-related content. This is the first time you have gotten involved in the aviation field. What's the key reason you chose to build this turbofan engine kits?

Answer: To fully understand the world of car engines, one must also analyze other types of engines, such as those of steam locomotives or also those of airplanes. That helps to fully understand and see the strengths and weaknesses of the piston engine.

2. Could you walk us through the process of designing and constructing one of your metal turbofan engine kits? What are some of the key challenges you encounter during this process?

answer: Assembling the turbofan model is simple as long as one has the patience for this task. The included manual in full color and details with numbers make making mistakes impossible. But you always have to pay attention.

3. It's complex to build such a turbofan engine kit. For those who might be interested in trying their hand at building their own turbofan engine kits, particularly those who may not have a background in mechanics or aviation, what advice or resources would you recommend to help them get started?

answer: It is not difficult nor is it necessary to have tools, the kit includes what is needed. The most important thing is to have a large desk to place the hundreds of pieces that the kit includes.

4. Are there any future projects related to metal turbofan engine kits that you're particularly excited about sharing with your audience?


5. If you had a chance to talk to the designer of this turbofan engine, what would you say to him?

answer: I would add a bearing at the front so that the fan rotates perfectly. I would also make the electric motor faster and I would let axis 2 not be fixed to axis 1, I would leave it loose and rotate due to the wind from the fan or the friction between the 2 axles.

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