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Harold Hahn is a modeller based in HAINICH, Germany. As a technician, Harold is familiar with making and selling model engines he makes. We interviewed him to discuss his background, his hobby, and the engines he made.

1. Do you still remember what made you start to become an engine modeler? What's the funny thing about being a collector?

I have always been a technician on the road and have already as a child everything taken apart and reassembled because I wanted to know how it works. As a modeler, I started to repair old broken steam engines and restore them to their original condition. Later I built Stirling engines and flame eaters to stay with combustion engines.

2. What do you think of the current model engine market? Have you changed your first impression of the Chinese engine model now? why?

I have been looking at the Chinese model engine market for a long time, over the years the models have become better and better and have reached a high level today. There are very nice models and also some that should better not be produced for example these Stirling models that consist of fitting parts. Often it is only small things, because a beautiful small engine is built the top and then the manufacturer puts a rickety angle as an exhaust to it. Many models would sell better if only minor details were changed that do not affect the price and do not cause problems for the manufacturer.

4. What suggestion would you give to the young engine hobbyists?

To the young modelers I would give the following advice, stay curious, do not be satisfied with what you have achieved, there is always room for improvement. This also increases the ability to become better and better.

5. do you have any life slogan?

My motto in life: Only dead fish swim with the river.

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