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What's SAM Hit 'n Miss Engine?

"SAM" here means "Silver Angel Metric". Silver Angel was designed by the late Bob Shore, a model engineer from Florida. He produced a number of wonderful engine in his whole life. This engine is famous for its "da da da" engine sound when theflyball governor flies in high speed. The cam on this engine is a circular disc running on a vertical shaft. A roller on the end of the exhaust valve rocker arm runs on this disc, to operate the exhaust valve. When the building plan is relaesed, people are impressed by its beautiful shape and lovely sound. So some engine lovers buy his plans and make and cast the Silver Engine themselves. We are aimed to give you the best casting engine available for these "Classic Engines" from the past. Our engine man also modified it and add some details on it.That's how SAM Hit 'n Miss engine comes.

(Florida Association of Model Engineers In Memory of Bob Shores)

Other projects of Silver Angel from the other Engine lover.


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