Suction Fire Type Single cylinder Hot Air Stirling Engine Model -Bracket Version

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.How to use: Put the engine model on the horizontal and inject alcohol into the alcohol lamp. Under the premise of ensuring safety, lit the alcohol lamp. The alcohol lamp heats the piston tube, and the dry air expands to generate power. At the same time, the flywheel is assisted by hand to drive the flywheel to rotate rapidly.

.Fuel: 95% alcohol should be used in the operation (not included), not water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil, liquor.

.The engine structure is designed reasonably, the novice can start very well without debugging, high power and high speed, and the speed range is 100-2000 rpm.

.Operation Theory: A stirling engine is a heat engine that operated by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas (the working fluid) at different temperatures, such that there will be a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work.

.The machine is maintenance-free and can be cleaned by simply injecting alcohol from the squirt port with a syringe and turning the flywheel. The lubrication method is drip lubrication.Fill the injection port with 0.5 ml with a syringe, fill it once before starting, and fill it once for 20 minutes.

.Wide Application: This model kit has a wide range of application as, great gift for Kids' science project, Physical/mechanical learning, teacherÀs Demo props on the class, birthday gift for friends, families, parents, kids, etc.

.Suitable for people over 14 years old
.Warm Tips: Be careful during operation. Do not touch the hot parts of the model


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Stainless Steel + Glass
.Product Weight: 900g
.Package Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 7cm
.Package Weight: 1100g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Engine Model
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