Stark 220V Tesla Coil Musical Engine with Arc Extinguishine Integrated SSTC Driver

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Stark 220V Tesla Coil Musical Engine with Arc Extinguishine Integrated SSTC Driver


.Technical Points: Coaxial cable signal transmission, drive arc extinguishing isolation design, no ground wire design, 220V power supply directly, 20cm arc discharge distance, 3.5mm audio interface.

.Features: Easy to use, simple to operate; safe and risk-free; no need to install a ground wire, can be used directly; no need to connect multiple power sources, directly connected to the socket 220V can be used; the arc length can be adjusted at will, up to 20cm or more, and supports music The effect is that square wave music can be played directly, and the arc can change into different arc sizes as the rhythm of the music changes; the volume is small, the structure is strong, and it is convenient to carry.
.How to Use:

1. insert the plug into the base of the product, and tighten the nut of the outer ring to prevent loosening;

2. put the discharge needle on the top of the equalizing ring of the product, and the top can extend the equalizing ring 2-3cm;

3. lay the cable flat Straight, do not overlap or knot, try not to dangle the cable;

4. finally turn the potentiometer counterclockwise to the lowest; just plug the plug into the socket; when the light is off, it is in music mode.

5. In music mode, you need to use a mobile phone or other player In the playing state, connect the audio port on the side of the knob with the audio port of the phone with an audio cable; when the light is on, it is in normal mode, and you can directly turn the knob to adjust the arc size; you need to turn the potentiometer of the product to 0 before shutting down.


1. The product does not contain glass-sealed gas. When using it, a discharge needle must be placed on the equalizing ring (the arc is easy to hit the coil, and the quality is not guaranteed). Only square wave music can be played, and ordinary music is burned.

2. Do not directly touch the coil or equalizing ring at any time after the product is powered on. The safety distance of the product is at least 0.5m, and it is recommended to watch from a distance of 1m or more. When opening or closing, the potentiometer must be at 0 position.

3. Tesla Coils are potentially dangerous devices and precautions must be taken before every operation to help prevent possible damage to property, injury, or death. Unqualified persons should never be allowed to operate the Tesla Coil. Prior knowledge of high voltage electrical safety is required, and assumed.

.Significance and Value: This product can be used for teaching demonstrations, explaining the knowledge of Tesla coils, or as a desktop technology ornament. It is more exhibitable. It is also suitable as a popular science educational toy gift for students and children.
.For Age: 12+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Acrylic + Electronic Components
.Product Capacity: 200VA
.Average Power: 250W
.Input Voltage: AC 220V
.Working Current: 0.1A-2A
.Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 20cm
.Product Weight: 874g
.Package Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 25cm
.Package Weight: 1500g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Integrated Arc Extinguishine Tesla

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