Pulse Jet Engine Micro Valve-Controlled RC Gasoline Internal Combustion Model RTR

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Pulse Jet Engine Micro Valve-Controlled RC Gasoline Internal Combustion Model RTR


.The pulse jet engine, a type of jet engine, with a simple structure and higher combustion efficiency compared to regular internal combustion engines, was initially used in missiles. Suitable for various aerospace and vehicle models.
.Made of carbon steel and aluminum alloy for enhanced durability and lighter weight. The hollowed internal channels adopt stainless steel covers, resulting in a weight reduction of 4 grams. High-temperature resistant 304 stainless steel pipes reduce weight by 15 grams.
.Featuring high-temperature resistant 304 valve plates for extended lifespan by an additional minute. Designed with a black high-temperature resistant coating for an attractive look. The enlarged fuel injection chamber provides a thrust of around 500 grams, aiming to offer enthusiasts a lightweight, high-thrust pulse jet engine.
.Easy to Operate & Long-lasting: After adding fuel and installing the battery, securely start the engine. Comes with a complete set of equipment: engine, battery compartment, fuel tank, fuel hose, etc. Prepare batteries and fuel are the only additional requirements.
.Wide Applications: An amazing model suitable for tech enthusiasts, family, friends, and children's holiday presents. It serves as both a scientific educational toy for understanding aircraft engine principles and an inspiring tool for kids' science projects, nurturing curiosity and creativity. Perfect to be a cool desktop art piece as well.
Loud noise at 130 dB. Recommended for outdoor use only.
Gasoline fuel is hazardous; ensure the area is free from flammable materials.
Promptly clean the fuel nozzle if dripping occurs.
Avoid igniting high-pressure fuel outside the engine; scattered gasoline may catch fire.
Gasoline vaporization is difficult below 7 degrees Celsius, making engine start-up challenging.
Expertise in model modification is necessary for installation.
The valve plate lifespan for this engine is appr 1-5 minutes.
Exercise caution for individuals with limited manual dexterity.


.Material: Carbon Steel/Aluminum Alloy
.Name: Pulse RC Jet Engine
.Startup Method: Electronic Ignition Starter
.Fuel: Gasoline
.Decibels: 130 dB
.Valve Plates: High-Temperature Resistant 304 One-Way Valve Plates (20 included as a gift)
.Product Weight: 650g
.Package Weight: 1100g
.Product Dimensions: 35 x 6 x 6cm
.Package Dimensions: 42 x 12 x 12cm
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 16+

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