Portable Electric Torque Screwdriver Set For Model Engine Builders DIY Tools

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Portable Electric Torque Screwdriver Set For Model Engine Builders DIY Tools


.Easy to Use, Intelligent and Labor-saving: Automatically stops when the torque force is set to avoid damage, which is safe and convenient. Featuring high performance and low noise, the product will not hurt your hands.
.Suitable for various working environments, the vertical hand-held screwdriver supports positive and negative torsion. In addition to the magnetic chuck automatically absorbing the head, the product comes with a magnetizer, which makes the service life reach more than 5 years.
.Deluxe Configuration: The set including 100 screwdriver set heads is designed with manual torque settings and accurate and reliable gear adjustment. Twist clockwise to increase torque and counterclockwise to reduce torque. The product boasts the ergonomic design for extra comfort.
.Compact & Convenient for A Wide Range of Applications: The product meets the basic requirements of model building, so that you are able to easily deal with the disassembly of toy models, parts assembly, electronic product maintenance and home installations.
.Note: The rechargeable lithium battery is removable. Do not charge for a long time or use the product while charging so as to ensure the battery life and avoid danger.


.Material: Metal + Electronic Components
.Torque Range: Electric: 0-6N·M, Manual: 0-20N·M
.No-load Speed: 360rpm
.Weight of Single Screwdriver Handle: 285g
.Power Supply: Battery Charged via USB
.Positive/Negative Torsion: Yes
.Applicable Screwdriver Set Head Diameter: 5mm
.Screw Range: 1.6-5mm
.Age: 14+
.Product Dimensions: 19 x 4 x 4cm
.Product Weight: 1900g
.Package Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 14cm
.Package Weight: 2100g
.Packing: Carton
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