KACIO WS100L 850mL Horizontal Premium Steam Engine Boiler

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KACIO WS100L 850mL Horizontal Premium Steam Engine Boiler

Product Information:

Material: Brass/Mahogany;

Color: As shown in the picture;

Name: Double-combustion tube horizontal steam boiler model;

Brand: KACIO; Model: WS100L;

Furnace outer diameter: 105mm;

Furnace body length: 190mm;

(Including burner): 222mm;

Weight: 2800g;

Boiler full load capacity: 850mL;

Pressure relief valve: 0.5MPa;

Pipe joint specification: 1/4-40mm;

Applicable age: 14+;

Packing method: Boxed;

Packing list:

Packing list: boiler model*1,


main valve*1,

pressure gauge*1,

butane gas tank connecting hose*1,

1/4-40mm joint*1, 3.5mm copper tube*1.

Product features:

1. Complete configuration: This is a well-made steam boiler with both appearance and performance. Equipped with pressure gauge, air whistle, main valve, water level gauge, double safety valve, 1/4-40mm pipe joint and so on.

2. Well-made: the boiler is made of pure copper, and the surface is made of mahogany insulation layer, which has good thermal insulation effect. Double steam outlet, reserved smoke input port, and one interface on each side to facilitate the installation of accessories later.

3. High efficiency: the boiler with ultra-high heat conversion rate will not let you down in performance! The double combustion heating tube can make the air pressure reach 0.4MPa in about 8 minutes. Double safety valve design, the pressure of the relief valve is 0.5MPa to ensure the safety of the use process.

4. Scope of application: This is an excellent collection of vintage art, a boon for collectors of steam models. It can be applied to 1.0-1.5 meter steam model boats, even driving a three-cylinder steam engine without any effort, and can be used on racing boats.

5. Instructions for use: The amount of water added is controlled at 3/5 of the full capacity, and the pressure is controlled within 0.5MPa. Pay attention to the burning time, do not dry it, and drain the remaining water after use. With high-quality fire control system, it can save gas and be safer. It is best to use butane gas as fuel.

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