ENJOMOR 6cc Antique Red Hit and Miss Gas Engine Working Model

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ENJOMOR 6cc Antique Red Hit and Miss Gas Engine Working Model

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A hit-and-miss engine is a type of four-stroke IC engine since the late 1800s and began popular from the 1890s to 1930s. The name comes from the method of speed control that is implemented on these engines (as opposed to the "throttle governed" method of speed control). The sound made when the engine is running is a distinctive "POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP" as the engine fires and then coasts until the speed decreases and needs to fire again to maintain its average speed.

Product name: All-metal internal combustion engine

Weight: about 2kg

Material: aluminum alloy

Voltage: 4.2~6V

Fuel: ZIPPOOIL or gasoline

The best tappet clearance: 0.5mm

Engine parameters

Size: 170*125*112mm

Displacement: 6CC.

Cylinder diameter: 120MM

Itinerary: 20MM.

Weight: 1410G

piston ring: rubber

Age: children over 10 years old

Included packaging:

1 x Engine(Spark Plug Included)

1 x CDI Igniter

1 x Battery Box

1 x Mini Fuel Tank

1 x Fuel Tube

1 x User Manual

Note: Throttle regulator and ignition timing switch,

The engine has been adjusted before shipment, beginners should not move

Engine start steps:

Prepare 3 AA 1.5v batteries, check the engine wiring, connect the fuel tank tube, connect the battery box,

Fill the fuel tank with gasoline (95#). When the filling is completed, make sure that there is no air in the tubing,

Rotate clockwise by hand to make the mixed gasoline completely enter.

Rotate the flywheel, check if there is spark, the cylinder is in normal compression state, you can start,

How to adjust the ignition timing,

  1. Check that the piston connecting rod is at the leftmost horizontal position (as shown in Figure 1)
  2. Check the closing condition of the ignition switch and brass (Figure 2)
  3. When both conditions are met, turn the wheel, check that the connecting rod moves to the leftmost 0.2 seconds, and there is spark, you can start the machine
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