Assembly UFO Spin Suspension Hero's Steam Engine with Copper Boiler

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Assembly UFO Spin Suspension Hero's Steam Engine with Copper Boiler


.The flying saucer shape full of science fiction, novel and unique, silent steam engine model design, full of power. A metal handicraft with great retro beauty, giving people curiosity and unlimited reverie.
.The steam engine model is carefully made of all metal, each part is finely processed, rich in metallic luster, and each part is precisely matched, upholding the craftsmanship, full texture, and quality assurance.
. The cylinder liner is a sheet-shaped heat dissipation structure. The liquor lamp, bracket and bottom plate are designed in one piece.
Both ends of the bracket are equipped with a large alloy flywheel and a small flywheel; high-precision imported bearings are used between the flywheel shaft and the bracket. This model is in the form of separate parts to exercise the hands-on ability. The all-metal structure can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled.

2. Start-up steps
1. Put the model on the horizontal surface; add some alcohol into the alcohol lamp . Use 95% alcohol (not included) for fuel, do not use other oils.
2. Light the alcohol lamp; turn the flywheel by hand until the flywheel can automatically rotate
3. In the process of start, move the alcohol lamp to let the model run to the best
4. The height of the alcohol lamp wick should be no less than 15 mm, and you can adjust the wick height to achieve the best operation.

3. Matters needing attention
1. When heating, do not touch with your hands cylinder and heating portion.
2. Avoid other liquid substances come into contact with cylinders in case of cylinder rustiness; extinguish alcohol lamp after finishing the demonstration.

4. Maintenance plans (if the model is not running very well)
1. Check if there is enough alcohol in the alcohol lamp.
2. Check if the small and big wheel jackscrews loose or not.
3. Too high temperature in the air cylinder because of the continuous heating for a period of time will affect the performance of the product.
4. Check the valve position: the highest position of the flapper valve (2) is to cover one fourth of the valve port.
5. Check if the angle is correct or not: when the piston (7) lies in the innermost of the air cylinder, the small jackscrew (3) hole should be just facing the positioning port (6). If the position is wrong, please loosen the jackscrew; then tightly fix the jackscrew in the correct position.


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal
.Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 9 x 12.9cm
.Product Weight: 400g
.Package Dimensions: 18 x 12.5 x 5.5cm
.Package Weight: 500g
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1Set x DIY Steam Engine Model

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