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The remote control model car is referred to as RC Car, RC is the abbreviation of Remote control or Radio control, that is, remote control or radio control. The remote control model car is not a toy, it is actually a miniature version of the real car. It has the same suspension system as the car and has the control feeling of those super sports cars in the real car. If the remote control model car is enlarged to the size of the real car, Taking 1:8 (the real car is reduced to one-eighth) the methanol machine flat road remote control model car as an example, in a short 2.6 The acceleration of 0-100KM can be completed in about seconds, and the top speed can reach more than 140KM. To put it simply, the remote control model car is actually the epitome of a real sports car, but we are not sitting in the car to control it. In Europe, America, Japan and even Southeast Asian countries, the remote control model car competition is a sports competition, a sport and a high-tech hobby. The age of the enthusiasts participating in this sport ranges from 8 to 80 years old. An age-free competition.
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