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What is DIY Metal Model?

The DIY metal model kits is based on the model. If the model is an object made in proportion to the shape and structure of the real object, then the biggest difference between the assembled model and the model is that the assembled model is in a certain order and technical requirements. The model is assembled by connecting or fixing various parts (components) together. This process is done by the players themselves. Players can experience the fun of doing things by themselves and using their brains during the assembly process.


1. High-end realistic
The biggest feature of the metal assembled model is that it is high-end, realistic, durable, and highly playable. The metal assembly model is made of stainless steel or brass metal material. Compared with traditional paper, wood and plastic material models, the metal material has strong stability and high precision. The assembled parts formed due to its material stability are also more precise, precise and delicate. In terms of surface treatment, the metal material can be processed through multiple processes, and the texture is also richer and more delicate. Compared with other material models on the market, metal assembled models generally have a stronger three-dimensional sense, higher fidelity, and longer preservation in terms of overall structure and detailed performance. The metal assembly model has a natural metal texture and an attractive luster that other material models cannot match.

2. Strong playability
The metal assembly model is directly promoted from a simple one-dimensional space to a four-dimensional space. Compared with the one-dimensional to three-dimensional paper printing model, and the two-dimensional to three-dimensional model of wood carving and plastic injection molding, the metal assembly model is more playable and assembled. More fun, more suitable for player-level model enthusiasts to assemble. The metal assembled model has stronger performance in details, such as: bricks and tiles on buildings, tire patterns on cars, and strings on musical instruments can all generate a strong three-dimensional effect through laser technology. This is the general paper printing, wood carving, plastic What cannot be done by injection molding, these near-perfect realistic three-dimensional senses can make players have a strong sense of fun and achievement in the assembly process. They are real player-level assembly models, not small toys.

3, save more lasting
The metal material has strong stability, and will not deform naturally under natural conditions without external force, and its state remains stable. Metal models made of brass and stainless iron generally do not fade in dry and noisy weather at room temperature, and the color was once new. The emergence of metal assembled models has overcome many problems such as easy deformation and poor structure of paper models, fading of wooden models and few lines, and poor stability and easy aging of plastic models.

if you are new to it, i recommend you choose to try the scorpion, spider, or other insetcs diy kits. If you want to challenge yourself to try something harder, i recommend you choose some model building kit with more than 1000 pieces, like bull, anglerfish, chemelon, beetle and so on.

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