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Teching engine Model Company was founded in 2014 by TECHING Culture Development Co., LTD. Teching designs and manufactures injection-molded metal model kits and hobby related products, becoming one of the best model production company nowadays with with their own branded model kits. With an in-house R&D team, Teching company has over 20 years of industrial experience and is used to design engine molds for automakers. TECHING is a representative of producing the educational model engine kits.TECHING model engine provides industrial literacy education, which provides characteristic literacy education through independent research and development, design, and production of metal machinery assembly models. It also plays a role in the dissemination of industrial culture. 99% of the assembled models of Teching are made of metal, especially the oxidized aluminum alloy metal material. The metal material is more realistic than the plastic toys commonly encountered by children. Generally, plastic toys only stimulate children's abstract thinking, while metal products activate children’s rational thinking.

TECHING designed products are made from high-quality metal with a precise mechanical structure. The parts are from 50 pieces to 1000 pieces, so adults and kids can choose what they need to build and learn from it. Our goal is to create the best realistic mechanical assembly kits that help children to develop manual dexterity and problem-solving skills as well as encourage learning of mechanics and engineering with their family and friends. It is also great for the hobbyist to build and collect and is an ideal gift for people who are passionate about machinery. Happy Build! Building models can be an artistic discovery and a journey through history. Develop your skills and build a collection with Teching engine model DIY Kits. Teching is looking to grow a new generation of modelers that can help expand and grow the hobby for generations to come.

Right now you will see the great inline four model engines kits and v8 engine kits but we have several more radial engine kits, pumpjacks kits, diy robot kits, v2 engine kits and even Automotive class car engine kits in the works. These kits are great for school projects and STEM learning in general. Educational and fun!

Building scale model kits is good for developing the interests to be engineers and can be a perfect chance to showcase your creative abilities by following the detailed instruction step by step. Building a metal model kit is really a technical exercise, following a detailed set of instructions, step by step, to complete a project, but it can also be an art form. There are many different skill levels to accommodate beginners to experts. What's more, it's a great opportunity to dive into the history behind the subject you are modeling. Historical dioramas are another form of scale modeling to capture entire scenes like military battles, or even hot rods at the drive-in. The sense of accomplishment you get when displaying your finished model is so rewarding and get you away from the stressful modern life. Display it with pride, show it off to friends and family, impress them with the knowledge you have of the history or background of your subject, and then on to your next project! Pick a winner, unplug and start building today!

Build your own L4 and V8 Engine that runs will guide you through the process of Building your own a 4 cylinder or V8 automobile engine.This model is a greatly simplified version of a real 4 cylinder and V8 car engine . It's designed to be a fun project to put together for the budding mechanic. There are also other themes to choose, for example, pumpjack kit, diy robot kit, mini tractor kit, kinetic dragongly kit, radial engine kit, 8 planet orrey solar system model kits, vinatage classic car kits.

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