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Hey, y'all! In this video, we're gonna put together this wicked SEMTO engine st-nf2 model engine kit. It's small but mighty and runs on nitro/methane. We're gonna crank it up and get this SEMTO twin-cylinder four-stroke nitro RC engine purring like a kitten. This project is totally rad and I gotta give a huge shoutout to for sponsoring this vid. They've got a ton of awesome engine models for all you DIYers out there, including a sick V-Twin Harley engine. Sure, the CISON V-twin motorcycle engine model may cost a pretty penny, but it's worth it. This SEMTO DIY engine motor is a two-cylinder four-stroke single carb engine that's super cool. Plus, it's got a little fan on the SEMTO motor mini engine. Let's get revved up, y'all!

Man, this project was seriously cool to get my boys involved in! I've got a sixth grader and an eighth grader, and they had some of their buddies over, so we had like four or five little dudes helping us put together this SEMTO twin-cylinder engine kit. They took turns and actually assembled it themselves! I just helped 'em out in certain areas and guided 'em along the way, but it was awesome to see 'em get all fired up about it when we got the engine up and running. Now, let me tell ya, this SEMTO twin-cylinder nitro engine took us a good ol' Sunday afternoon to get all hooked up and running. But man, spending time with those guys was totally worth it. They're used to building Legos, but Legos don't run! So being able to put together this lego-like engine motor and actually fire it up was just the coolest thing. Alright, let's dive into the assembly video, get this baby fired up, and then I'll give ya some deets on how we got it all hooked up. Let's get to work, y'all!

Outline of the Smallest 2 cylinder 4 stroke nitro RC engine video.

1:40-2:10 unpacking and displaying the SEMTO engine kit

2:10-7:06 building the engine and enjoying the family time

7:06-8:40 tuning and runing the SEMTO engine

Dang, folks, looks like we've hit a little snag with the SEMTO engine. Can't run it anymore 'cause the starter belt's getting all chewed up. I reckon it ain't tight enough and it's been skipping and tearing up some of their teeth. Got some frayed belt fragments here as proof. Now, I've got the fuel tank all hooked up and everything, and I was trying to add some pressure from the exhaust of a two-stroke application. But I'll be darned, turns out this carburetor's got enough suction to draw the fuel all on its own! Heck, I even had the tank down yonder and it was still pulling that feel like a champ.

Speaking of fuel, we're using 20 Nitro race car fuel it's got 9% oil in it, so this is just some VP racing fuel that I got online.

Alrighty, folks, let me break down these glow plugs for ya. Now, if you ain't familiar with 'em, they're kinda like little cigarette lighters. You apply some voltage to 'em and they light up like a Christmas tree. They come in really handy when you're trying to ignite that fuel in the engine. Once they get good and hot, they stay lit from the previous combustion cycle even after you cut the power. Ain't that a neat little trick?

Alright, let me tell y'all about these batteries. I got a whole bunch of RC car batteries, these babies are the 2s or 7.4 volts lipos. They come with these connectors called Dean's connectors, but I switched to Traxxas. Now, the glow plugs usually run at 1.5 volts, so I hooked up a battery to each one with a little somethin' somethin' to reduce the voltage. As for the starter motor, it says it needs 7.4 to 12 volts, so I brought out my trusty lawn tractor battery to do the job.

Alright folks, here's the deal. To start up the SEMTO twin-cylinder engine motor, all you gotta do is hook up the starter kit with those two pins and give it 12 volts. But listen up, if you flip the polarity and it spins the opposite way, you gotta flip it back. Ain't nobody got time for that backward spin! And let me tell ya, we need a new belt before we can rev this baby up again. Maybe we'll get it going in a future video. But hey, I messed around with the carburetor settings and I think I messed it up really well. Gotta go back to factory settings to get this bad boy purring like a kitten. But let me tell ya, it's freaking cool when it's up and running!

The engine is now on display in my sons room and we probably are done running it.

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