How to Start HOWIN L6-210 21cc Inline Six Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine? | Stirlingkit

If your Howin straight-six engine cannot start normally, generally speaking, this is related to whether there is a spark, the Hall sensor and the starter motor of this Howin engine.

1. Check whether it is the problem of the igniter or the Hall sensor. If there is a problem with no sparks, fix it first. Please take the Hall sensor plug out of the distributor first, and use a small magnet to sense the Hall sensor to see if there is any spark at the fire head after power on.

If there is no spark, then there is something wrong with the igniter or Hall sensor, and you have to try a new set of igniter and Hall sensor.

If there is a spark, reinsert the Hall sensor back into the distributor. When inserting it, be careful not to let the Hall sensor and the magnet in the distributor sense each other, not too far away. A gap of three to four millimeters will do. At this time, try to turn on the power again and check whether there is any spark in the fire head. If there is no spark, it is not sensed.

2. Use the starter motor when starting the test. If you use an electric drill that is not one-way, the clutch cannot be released, and we never advocate using an electric drill to start the engine, it is easy to go wrong. But first confirm the first point, if there is no spark, it will not start with anything.

3. After resetting the two carburetors, the minimum idle speed valve should be set a little smaller at the beginning, and it is almost enough to adjust it by 1.5mm with the main oil needle. If it is too big, it is not easy to start.

4. If there is no cylinder pressure, check whether the spark plug is not installed properly.

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