How to Connect Gasoline Toyan V8 Engine FS-V800G? | Stirlingkit

Q: I have the base built but cannot fire the Toyan v8 gas engine. There are 2 different firing orders in the instructions. Which one do I need to use? And do you have better instructions for the fitting of the magnetic collar? Should I be using the slotted holes or fixed holes in the collar?
.I have noticed that all spark plugs fire at the same time from both Cdi units. All 8 plugs fire at once. Should it be firing 4 at 0 and 180 degrees and the other 4 at 90 and 270 degrees on the magnetic collar?
Should all spark plugs fire at the same time? I have a few puffs of smoke but only from one side of the exhaust.
Also Is there a base setting for the carburetor?


Use this firing sequence for the flywheel collar. Screw the oil needle of the carburetor all the way to the end, and then withdraw it for 2 and a half turns, and open the damper by 1/3 or 1/4 to try to start.

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