Guy Builds His own Chopper from Scratch with Cison Panhead! | Stirlingkit

2 days ago, there was a man called KDM who shared the chopper motorcycle he built by himself in Stirlingkit's official FACEBOOK group. He said that he was determined to build and restore different motorcycle models. The Cison panhead engine in his hands is far more than just a small engine model, it is simply a beating heart installed on this chopper. It would be even better if it could start and run on the ground.

It only took him 45 minutes to build the frame. It's funny to say, in addition to being a welder and fabricator, he's also a CAD designer, keeping all of these components as affordable as possible. In the future, he plans to build stainless steel piping and this frame will only be used on models to determine the elt drive and transmission positions, so he will be making production jigs and tooling while selling complete bikes and rolling frames for those who enjoy these amazing motors And used by many people who want to mount it on their bicycles for display. Let's see how it turns out.

His early models

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