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Cison V8 vs. AUSSIE CONLEY CLONE V8 — the most intense argument in the model engine world the moment when Cison releases V8 engine this year. We don't play favorites here at Stirlingkit though, so you can check Dennis's video to find some of the key differences between the two engines so you can best v8 model engine out which suits you best.

Pitting Cison V8 vs. CONLEY CLONE V8, we take a look at the respective strengths of each model engine, so you can pick the right one for you the next time you buy a v8 engine.

CLONE V8 Supercharged Engine vs. Cison V8 Engine

Feature/Aspect CLONE V8 Supercharged Engine Cison V8 Engine
Scale Quarter scale 1/6 scale (appears slightly larger)
Price Higher Lower
Key Features Roller rockers, supercharger, glow plugs
No ignition system
Highly detailed, tunable, with oil pump/filter
Includes ignition system
Fuel Type Airplane fuel (20%-30%) Not specified
Performance Significant power, some limitations Reliable, consistent performance
Reliability Mixed; some production issues Generally reliable
Build Experience Hand-built; potential for errors and issues Requires detailed and careful tuning
Starting Good with some initial tuning Starts reliably every time
Carburetor Less sensitive Very sensitive to adjustments
Distributor Standard setup Spark plug wires need boot trimming
Break-in Period Standard Critical for optimal performance
Idle Noticeable surge at idle, impressive boost Smooth idle, needs fine-tuning
Supercharger Yes, provides significant power boost No
Clutch No specific clutch Needs adapted clutch; Flathead L400 clutch holes do not align
Common Issues Blown rods, minor faults Minor oil leaks (intake gaskets, distributor shaft)
Adaptation Not specified Adapted to single 11.1V battery
Drawbacks Higher price, some production and reliability issues High tuning requirements, very sensitive at idle
Additional Notes Supercharger provides impressive surge Requires precise tuning and patience

So then, Cison V8 vs. AUSSIE CONLEY CLONE V8:: Which should you choose? Both v8 engines have pros and cons, and, as with many purchase decisions, your choice will depend on what you value most.

Choose the Cison V8 for reliability, detailed realism with features like an oil pump and ignition system, affordability, and easier tuning and maintenance, despite needing precise adjustments and having minor oil leaks.

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