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Dear Cison V8 supporters,

I hope this letter finds you well.Glad to tell you that the Cison V8 engines are ready to ship now. I think Stirlingkit cannot wait to share this exciting news with you.

As the designer of the CISON V8 engine , I apologize again to all of you who have supported us in the past. I understand your expectations for our Cison V8 engine and understand your disappointment due to the unexpected delay in delivery. I would like to acknowledge that this delay was not anticipated by our team and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

Our team has put their efforts into Cison V8 projects which took nearly a year from design to production. As for me, the CISON V8 engine is one of the most realistic, complex, and difficult-to-manufacture scale engine motors. During this period, we encountered various technical challenges and manufacturing problems, such as newly developed carburetors, piston ring manufacturing processes, intake and exhaust design modifications, smaller spark plugs and hole positions, distributor improvements and upgrades, etc. Important parts have undergone multiple proofing verifications and repeated corrections. To this end, our team worked day and night and spared no effort to overcome many technical and manufacturing problems of the V8 engine. Fortunately, we finally solved these problems. However, sadly, it happened to be the Spring Festival holiday at that time, and many workers went back home for the reunion and delayed the return time to work. This is our most important holiday and a rare family time as some of them went back to visist the family members once a year. So, unfortunately, we are not able to produce on time, which is something we did not anticipate.

As a designer, I feel a great responsibility. The entire team and I are constantly working hard to resolve issues and ensure the final product quality meets your expectations. In the beginning, many people were urging me to finish production and deliver the goods quickly. Although I wanted to, the factory processing was much more complicated than I imagined, because the CISON V8 is a machine with complex engineering and difficult processing, each part requires a lot of time for fine machining, which also brings some challenges to the schedule. Plus I hope to ensure you end up receiving a higher quality V8 engine and a better user experience. At the same time, we also hope that the CSON V8 engine can become a true small-scale high-end performance RC engine model.

To compensate for your wait and support, we have decided to provide additional accessories to all customers who purchased the CISON V8 engine during the pre-sale period and provide a new $100+ valued tachometer as a gift to the earliest customers who pre-ordered from Stirlingkit. This is our sincere feedback to you and we hope to make up for your inconvenience.

The list is as follows

3 piston rings*1 (2 gas rings + 1 oil ring)
Standard CDI igniter*1
standard with 2 types of ignition cap heads*8
New $100 valued tachometer *1 (This gift is only given free of charge to first 64 customers who support us during the pre-sale period before March 29, 2024) Please note that the gift will not be sent together with the engine.

Note: 8 spark plugs, water cooling accessories, metal base set, etc are not included. Buy here .

We apologize again and thank you for your trust and support in us. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact Stirlingkit (service@stirlingkit.com). We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction and shopping experience.

I wish you and your family a happy life!


Mr. Xi
CISON & Stirlingkit

April, 2024

Cison Delays Production of V8 Engine Model Kits | Stirlingkit

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