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Howdy again, my friend! I wanted to share my experience with you about the Semto engine kit that I recently purchased. This two cylinder engine kit is a 4-stroke version that costs only 149.99 USD, and it comes in an assembly version, which allows you to build it yourself. As a retired engineer who used to be a mechanic teacher in my youth, building this motorized inline two-cylinder engine was a nostalgic and dreamy experience for me. I remember the days when such working engine models were not available for students to build in class, so it was a real pleasure to work on this one.

After I ordered the mini Semto engine kit ST-NF2 online, it arrived at my doorstep after a month of waiting. Everything turns out that it is worth waiting for. Thank you! Stirlingkit. The packaging was done well, and all the parts were included as expected. I was amazed at the detail of the kit--the scale size of the valves, and crankshaft, demonstrating the four-cycle internal combustion sequence accurately. As the components are all metal, they are beautifully engineered and fit together perfectly. And the manual that came with it was in English and was clear and easy to follow. It was a relief to find that all the necessary parts were included.

The assembly process itself was quite enjoyable. Although the engine building was relatively easy, it did take me around ten hours spread over three days to complete. I imagine a younger person with good attention to detail could complete it in 2 to 7 hours. the parts were all precisely machined, which made the process very straightforward.

Now, I gotta warn ya, it's crucial to add lubrication to the engine for proper functioning. Oil, grease & glue are not included in the parcel for the customs shipping problem. I got mine from the local hobby store, so don't forget to add it. Failure to do so could damage the Semto engine build kit or decrease its performance.

When I finally got the engine started up, I have to say, it was a real thrill. The nitro-powered engine made a fantastic sound that was just music to my ears. However, as it's air-cooled, I need to cool ST-NF2 mini engine down after running for a period of time, unlike water-cooled engines that can run for a longer period of time. And before you start this engine, you need to understand some basic automotive knowledge as the carburetor needs to be adjusted patiently to achieve higher performance, otherwise, it is easy to stall.

Overall, I have to say that building this Semto engine st-nf2 diy was a genuinely rewarding and enjoyable experience. Even though it's fairly cheap for what it is but that is a reflection of the excellent engineering and instructions. This would be a great time-passing project that is fun to assemble and informational and instructional. With its affordable price tag, CNC machining, and nitro-powered design, it's an excellent option for anyone looking for a fun project, like model engine kit that runs that won't break the bank. So if you're looking for a beginner-level engine kit to build, I highly recommend giving the Semto engine diy kits (micro motor de nitro )a try.

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