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Toyan has played an important role in the model engine manufacturing industry in recent years, consistently pushing boundaries and challenging norms with its innovative nitro/gas powered model engines. The company has not only changed the way people think about miniature engine models but also sparked the passion of every engine hobbyist. Despite facing increased competition from other model engine-makers in recent years, Toyan has continued to strive for excellence and performance, which maintains its position. From the FS-S100 to the FS-V800, and more recently, the FS-B400 and FS-S100AT1D-XP , each Toyan engine is built with exceptional attention to design, detail and quality.

But why should you buy a new Toyan FS-S100AT1D-XP? There are several reasons why Toyan FS-S100AT1D-XP is the go-to choice for anyone passionate about miniature model engines with see-through heads or for anyone who needs to collect a unique miniature engine model with visible combustion for their hobby life.

Why is this engine FS-S100AT so special? Generally, you can see that most engine models are four-stroke piston engines that are fully sealed, and it is difficult to see how the internal structure moves. Cison engineers also noticed this before and made a transparent cover on the side of the straight-four engine L4-175 so that the engine piston movement status could be seen. Toyan is the first brand to manufacture single-cylinder engines with see through heads.

Every automotive engineering school student may vaguely remember their first lesson from their college professor on how a 4-stroke engine works. At that time, you could only watch the professor show you a 3D 4 Stroke Engine Working Animation video in class or explain to you the operating principles of the car with a simple 3D printed half-section demonstration training engine model. So Toyan engineers thought, why don't we make a real working engine that people can see it through ourselves? This is how the first FS-S100AT was made. FS-S100AT left a very deep impression on users as soon as it was launched on the market in 2020. With this engine, users can see every step in the engine cycle, allowing people to more vividly understand the working principle of the 4-stroke engine. As you can see, it's one thing to know how an engine works, but seeing these parts in action gives a whole new appreciation for something that most people take for granted. I believe you will be amazed by the beautiful pale blue or intense white or yellow flames inside the engine model while it's working. But it is a pity that at that time, Toyan only produced a batch of FS-S100AT in small batches and stopped selling them after they were sold out. Because Toyan is not confident enought if so many people like this 4 stroke engine model.

Toyan & Stirlingkit have been thinking about it for a long time whether it is necessary to reproduce the Toyan FS-S100AT. Four years later, Toyan plucked up the courage and decided to restart the FS-S100AT production plan and made some upgrades, that is FS-S100AT1D-XP. Of course, to thank you for supporting Toyan, we decided not to increase the price and keep the previous price, but you can get more accessories as 600$ value gift packages, such as batteries, bases, and starting accessories.

Compared with the old version FS-S100AT, there are 4 reasons why you should buy a TOYAN FS-S100AT1D-XP See Through Engine.

Better bang for your buck: You get the FS-S100AT1D-XP engine, base, and starter kit all together for the same price as just the engine before. and it's in pre-order in Stirlingkit. the first 100 order can enjoy 100$ off. That means you can spend just 249.99$ to buy a 600$ value or so package, which saves almost 350$. So, it's like getting more stuff for your money!

Perfect for gifting: It comes in a snazzy gift box, making it a great option if you want to give it to someone special. Plus, it looks really cool for display or showing off in class.

Super easy to use: You just click to start it up, thanks to the pre-debugged setup. No hassle, even for beginners!

Looks sleek and tidy: The connecting cable is fixed in a special way, making it look extra neat and tidy.

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