SKYMECHMAN WP-85 Working DIY Assembly Turbojet Engine Kits That Runs 3D Printing Simulation

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1. Product information:
Model: WP-85 turbojet engine model;
2. Product parameters:
Ratio: 1:3;
Product size: 36*12*14cm;
Packing size: 32*30*10cm;
Product material: resin plastic;
Product weight: 800g;
Part quantity: 100+PCS;
Motor voltage: 12V DC voltage;
Product technology: 3D printing
3. Product features:
(1) Product background: The structure of a modern turbojet engine consists of an inlet, compressor, combustion chamber, turbine and tail nozzle. There is an afterburner between the turbine and tail nozzle of a fighter jet. The turbojet engine is suitable for navigation. It is widely used in aircraft ranging from low altitude and low subsonic speed to high altitude supersonic speed aircraft. ;
(2) Product functions: Through day and night research, our team has restored the true structure of the turbojet engine, and through the semi-sectioned structure, you can see the operation of all fan blades driven by the motor. The details are perfect in design and the simulation level is high. It is suitable for demonstration and has ornamental value and collection value;
(3) Process characteristics: The main body is made of 3D printing resin material, and some parts are made of CNC processing to make this engine model. The highest-precision industrial-grade 3D printer is used. However, due to problems with the material itself, minor flaws are 3D printed products. It is unavoidable, please understand.
(4) The total number of parts is about 100 and requires English instructions for assembly. You can use the detailed assembly step manual to build your own turbojet engine model in your living room and show your engineering talents to the world. Packed in luxurious and exquisite gift boxes, suitable for personal use and gift giving;
(5) This model is an assembly toy. Do not play with it violently to avoid damaging the model. Please store it properly after use and pay attention to cleaning and maintenance so that it can be used for a longer period of time. For specific questions, you can consult the staff at the store where you purchased it, and we will provide you with detailed explanations and after-sales services.
4. Applicable age: 16+;
5. Packing list: engine component*1, instruction manual*1;
6. Packaging method: boxed;

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