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Toyan Gas powered RC Cars & Trucks run on a gasoline and oil mixture. Gas RC trucks also have a lower operating cost and longer run times than Electric powered RC vehicles.

RC cars are either electrically powered or nitro gas powered; these vehicles are manufactured by different brands. Electric RC cars are cheaper than gas-powered RC cars; however, gas-powered RC cars have more capacity than electric-powered ones.
if you like nitro gas powered remote control trucks for the speed, racing noise of the real nitro gas engine, and the cool smoke coming out of the exhaust as you race down the dirt or street? and its 10 years experience with remote control nitro trucks and monster trucks understands your needs. Every nitro gas RC truck is hobby quality and will ship to you fully assembled and ready to run right out of the box. Every spare part is available on demand to keep your new RC truck on the road forever! Remember to purchase nitro fuel and the nitro starter kit if you do not have them from a previous remote control nitro vehicle that you own. Nitro powered RC trucks and monster trucks are recommended for ages 10 and over, but if there is an adult present then all ages are ok for nitro gas.

The first model Toyan "sand cruiser" was designed as desert off-road prototype with all metal holder, powered by Toyan FS-L200 nitro engine and a differiential front and straight real axle to balance both speed and off-road performance

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