TOYAN FS-S100AT 4 Stroke Nitro Gasoline General Engine Model Souvenir Version

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TOYAN FS-S100AT Single-cylinder Four-stroke Nitro / Gasoline General Engine Model for RC Car Ship Model Teaching Show - Souvenir Version

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.This product is an engine model specially designed and developed to commemorate the fifth anniversary of TOYAN. Adopts the design of the internal combustion chamber of the observable engine, with the newly designed adjustable carburetor system, adjustable ignition angle flywheel, high-efficiency cooling fan, and the center camshaft design reduces the height of the engine to the extreme, making it extremely compact Four-stroke engine model.

.Micro engine, small "heart", powerful power; high-precision precision parts provide protection for output power, thermal efficiency, high horsepower, etc.; all-metal body design, aviation aluminum CNC machining alloy steel crankshaft, high-precision piston ring, precision Grinding cylinder liner, alloy valve, high strength timing pulley. More than 200 parts are processed by CNC, with superb craft quality, presenting exquisite and beautiful engine model.

.The mechanical structure is perfectly presented, the clear flywheel and transmission structure are clear at a glance, and the logical and powerful mechanical beauty is displayed; based on the classic invention and design in the history of industrial science and technology, the core principles of machine operation are presented, and the application value of the machine is intuitively displayed.

.While the product has independent functions and structures, it can also be DIY modified for upgrade and combination as a power system.

.Use Method: This engine model needs to be started by CDI ignition. The fuel requires the use of mixed gasoline fuel (#92 and above gasoline and two-stroke 2T engine oil ratio of 25:1) or methanol fuel (20%-25% nitromethane finished product Fuel)

.Note: Please use it with caution during operation. Do not touch the motor fan with your hands to avoid scratching or touching the cylinder to prevent burns.

.This engine model can be used as the engine power of 1:10, 1:12, 1:14 aircraft and ship model. With its unique perspective combustion chamber design, it can also be used in science and education experiments, teaching demonstrations, etc. More practical application scenarios are waiting for you explore and develop in person.

:For Age: 14+


.Color: As Shown
.Material: Metal + Plastic
.Speed: 3500-8500rpm
.Displacement: 3.5cc
.Output Power: 0.5ps
.Cylinder Diameter: 17.0mm
.Piston Diameter: 16.6mm
.Product Weight: 900g
.Package Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 10cm
.Package Weight: 1000g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x Engine Model

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