SkyMech PT6A Fully-Functional Aircraft Turboprop Engine DIY Kits 3D Printing Mechanical

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SkyMech PT6A Fully-Functional Aircraft Turboprop Engine DIY Kits 3D Printing Mechanical


.Product Background: The PTA6 turboprop engine is an advanced medium-power engine, widely used in civil and military aircraft. With its excellent product structure, working principle, advantages and usage scenarios, the PTA6 engine has become the mainstream engine in today's medium-power aircraft.
.Product Functions: Our team has restored the real structure of the PTA6 engine through night and day research, and the semi-dissected structure allows you to see all the fan blades running under the motor drive. Perfect detail design with high degree of simulation, this model is suitable for demonstration, with ornamental and collectible value.
.Craft Features: The main body of this engine model is made of 3D printed resin, with some parts are adopting the CNC processing, using the highest precision industrial-grade 3D printer. However, due to the material itself, minor defects are unavoidable for 3D printed products, please understand.
.Contains about 100 parts, this model needs to be assembled with the instructions. With detailed step-by-step instructions, you can build your own turbojet engine model in your living room, giving full play to your talent as an engineer. Package by luxurious and exquisite gift box, this model is suitable for both self-use and gift-giving.
.This model is an assembly toy, please do not play with it violently, so as not to damage the model. After use, please keep it properly, and pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, in order to use it for a longer time. For specific questions, you can consult the staff of the store to buy, we provide you with a detailed explanation and after-sales service!

Note: If you hear an abnormal sound when you start the engine after assembling the engine, then the gap should be a bit tight and it will break in after a few more turns.


.Model: PTA6 Turboprop Engine Models
.Scale: 1/50
.Material: Resin Plastic
.Parts: 100+PCS
.Motor Voltage: 12V DC Voltage
.Product Process: 3D Printing + CNC Processing
.Product Weight: 1000g
.Package Weight: 1400g
.Product Dimensions: 34.2 × 12.5 × 14.5cm
.Package Dimensions: 30 × 28 × 15cm
.Packing: Box
.Ages: 16+

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