SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2 DIY Build a Nitro 4 Stroke 2 Cylinder Engine Kit That Runs- FS-L200AC

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SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2 DIY Build a Nitro 4 Stroke 2 Cylinder Engine Kit That Runs- OTTO MOTOR FS-L200AC

Note:The engine is equipped with a 480 brushed DC motor, and it is more suitable to use two ignition modules directly. you can buy it here . Now there is no need for an ESC, and it can be started directly by connecting a 2S battery. However, the output cable of the thermal head on the previous ESC can also be used. If you have these accessories before, there is no need to buy them again. The battery needs to be prepared by yourself.

IMPORTANT REMINDER! The engine is in stock now. the order will be sent out within 1 working day.

Semto Twin Cylinder 4 Stroke RC Engine Get-Started Beginner Guide: click here


.Toyan has a passion for machining the highest precision and quality scale engine models. Toyan indeed has released a few engines in assembly DIY versions. However, we find some students can't afford it even though they do like Toyan engines but not the price. So we discuss this with the Toyan engine team. Why not make an engine that everyone can afford? We hope every petrolhead college student can take it even if they have a low budget. In this case, the idea of making an entry-level come into Toyan mechanics' minds for a year. So they have started to design and make it several times. And they have also co-branded with SEMTO Engine & OTTO MOTOR to make brand-new 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine kits recently. That means the costs are greatly marked down. so that is, OTTO MOTOR FS-L200AC ( or SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2) - Simple, Easy To Use, and Intuitive. Just only 149.99$ and take this pocket-size engine home. (Please note that this is the entry-Level engine so the structure is simplified but it's fully functional. the size is smaller too) Please note that the engine after the order time December 12, 2022 will comes with the updated logo SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2. They are the same engine except the name of logo. If you want the logo OTTO MOTOR there only, please contact

High Simulation: The engine model with a realistic appearance and red sport elements meaning thunderbolt movement is closer to a real engine.
.Miniature: Treated by aluminum CNC processing and oxidation coloring, the delicate engine features a meticulous surface, compact structure and lightweight body.
.Dual Synchronous Belt Pulley: The timing structure of a dual synchronous belt pulley greatly reduces the risk of gear jumping in high-speed operation.
.Rocker Arm: The short rocker arm makes the valve switch operation more accurate.
.Carburetor: Enjoy easier adjustment and more sensitive throttle response thanks to the brand-new signal carburetor.
.Electrical Starting: Equipped with a high-torque starting motor for a more convenient and smooth start.
.DIY: You can walk through the internal structure and mechanical operation principle of the engine while enjoying DIY assembling fun with the desktop engine model.
.Wide Applications: Blending perfectly with a gearbox for superior compatibility and an excellent guarantee to upgrade, the product makes a stunning mechanical artware, an ideal gift for mechanical engine enthusiasts and a superb teaching aid for demonstration teaching in physical&mechanical classes. So many of our clients are teachers from schools.
.Note: Starting Ignition set is not included, please prepare or buy it by yourself. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time.


.Material: Metal
.Model: FS-L200AC / ST-NF2
.Form: Kit Version
.Engine Type: Nitro Interal Combustion Engine Model
.Valve Mechanism: SOHC
.Displacement: 7 (3.5*2)cc
.Cylinder: Inline Double-cylinder
.Stroke: Four Stroke
.Cyilinder Diameter: 16.6mm
.Stroke: 17.00mm
.Speed: 4000-16000rpm
.Power: 0.6ps
.Cooling Mode: Air Cooling
.Lubrication Mode: Mixed Oil Lubrication (add grease)
.Starting Mode: Electric
.Ignition Mode: Ignition Modules (Not Included)
.Type of Electric Plug: F-type Four-stroke Electric Plug (Not Included)
.Starting Voltage: 7.4V 2S Li battery (Not Included)
.Fuel Type: 20-25% Nitro Fuel
.Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9 x 9.2cm
.Product Weight: 535g
.Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 11 x 11.2cm
.Package Weight: 800g
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 14+

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