DIY Steampunk Style Metal Anglefish Model Kits 1000Pcs+

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DIY Steampunk Style Metal Anglefish Model Kits 1000Pcs+


️★ Source:

Anglerfish, also known as humpback anglerfish, is famous for its use of dorsal fin spines to lure prey. They live in the deep ocean zone of the high seas at least 2000m deep, where there is no sunlight at all. It is very smart and never worry about not having prey. Our designer is a fish lover for many years, and hope to find the same lovers to communicate together.

★ Simulation:

The assembly model is based on the anglerfish design. The shape is exquisite and lifelike, the whole is steampunk style, and the appearance is highly restored. The light on the head makes it move fearlessly in the deep sea, and its huge teeth are creepy. We should all stay away from it.

★ Details:

Electroplating color is added to the eyes, which is like a finishing touch. The light bulb at the end of the head tentacles will glow after being twisted, imitating the characteristics of the lantern fish in reality, while the fins are made of leather, adding a touch of unique color. The shiny metal material is not easily damaged, and the dorsal fin is made by combining gears and leather, which is more realistic.

★ Bracket:

The model and the bracket adopt a separate design, and the lower bracket can be freely disassembled without affecting the overall look and feel. The pulley of the bracket can be rotated at will, flexible and small.

★ Difficulty factor:

The total number of parts is about 1064, and the assembly time is about 3 hours. It will be difficult to assemble it, but you can enjoy the challenge and fun in the assembly process.

★ Christmas/birthday/Thanksgiving gift:

After the assembly is completed, it is still a unique decoration, a good gift. It is very unique and you can give it as a gift to your family and friends. You can also put it on your table/coffee table/bedroom as a home decoration.

★ Specifications:

Color: As Shown
Material: Metal
Product Dimensions: 26.5 x 8.5 x 16.5cm
Product Weight: 1080g
Package Dimensions: 30 x 12 x 20cm
Package Weight: 1200g
Packing: Plastic Box

★ Package Content:
1Set x Anglefish Model
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