RETROL Beam Engine Flame Eater Vacuum Engine External Combustion Engine Model

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RETROL Beam Engine Flame Eater Vacuum Engine External Combustion Engine Model

note the engine is in production now. The parcels have been sent out depending on the order time.


.Popular Science: Vacuum engine is also known as “Flame-Licker Engine” or “Flame Eater,flame-engine, flame-dancer”, a simple but magical machine that demonstrates the conversion of heat into mechanical motion.
.Adjustable Speed: The running speed of the engine is fully adjustable. It looks more elegant and allows you to fully understand the operation of the beam when running slowly.
.Low Maintenance and Reliability: Fewer moving parts feature less and simple maintenance, longer single running time and span life for less wear and damage, which is friendly to mechanical beginners.
.High-quality Materials: The engine is well-made with high-quality stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy materials. The base is made of acrylic board for easy placement and operation.
.Creative gift: This is a mechanical artwork with visual texture and aesthetic appearance. People will appreciate its good performance and give it as an impressive gift for mechanical enthusiasts.


.Material: Metal + Acrylic
.Brand: RETROL
.Model: VE-01

. color: red
.Form: ready to run
.Cylinder Outer Diameter: 36mm
.Cylinder Inner Diameter: 20mm
.Cylinder Length: 51mm
.Stroke: 24mm
.Speed: 100-1000rpm (Continuous running for 20 minutes)
.Cooling Method: Air Cooling
.Starting Method: Manual Start
.Lubrication Method: Disassemble the cylinder parts, polish the cylinder and piston with 6W metallographic sandpaper and apply with 3000 mesh graphite powder to wipe the cylinder clean, finally assemble the engine.
.Fuel: 95% Alcohol or Anhydrous Ethanol;
.Product Dimensions: 21 x 10 x 13.5cm
.Product Weight: 1100g
.Package Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 16cm
.Package Weight: 1300g
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 14+

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